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Office Physcial Address: AfyaAfrika

Item Details
Organization Name AfyaAfrika
County Narok
Sub County Narok North
Ward Melili
Street Narok town
Office Building Eserian building
Suite No. Room 16- first floor

Office Contact Address: AfyaAfrika

Item Details
Postal Address N/A
Organization Email
Organization Telephone 0727068747
Facebook Page Afyafrika
Twitter Page N/A

Contact Person: AfyaAfrika

Item Details
1st Contact Person Catherine Mootian
1st Contact Person Position Director
1st Contact Person Telephone 07xxxxxxxx
1st Contact Person Email
2nd Contact Person Janet Mwende
2nd Contact Person Position Secretary
2nd Contact Person Email
3rd Contact Person N/A
3rd Contact Person Position N/A
3rd Contact Person Telephone 07xxxxxxxx
3rd Contact Person Email N/A

Organizatio Geographical Coverage: AfyaAfrika

Item Details
Program Geographical Coverage County
Counties Coverage Narok County
Sub County Coverage n/a
Ward Coverage n/a
National Coverage n/a
Regional Coverage n/a
Continetal Coverage n/a

Thematic Focus: AfyaAfrika

Item Details
Program Objective Improving health and self-sufficiency among underserved youth through health promotion, education, and training, advocacy, governance, and research.
Activities -Youth and governance
Network Membership None