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Date: 14-08-2021

By Mary Ngina
Sub-Edited by Liberty Kituu

Mwangaza Women Network, a CRAWN Trust’s partner network under CARE-Kenya’s Women Voice and Leadership project held an empowerment forum in Embu county on the need to curtail the FGM Practice within their locality. The forum started at 10.00am whereby the people attending were few because of the COVID- 19 pandemic restrictions and the need to keep social distancing. It was an open forum whereby people exchanged ideas on what makes them practice FGM in their residential places and the ways to curb FGM. Some came up with the following reasons;

1. Culture
2. Stereotypes beliefs/myths
3. Rite of passage

Members present came to an agreement that FGM isn't a good thing because during childbearing can lead to complications, cause serious diseases, makes one feel their dignity and self-esteem taken away and their rights violated.
Later on, they discussed on the way forward on how to end FGM;

• Law enforcement to stop those practicing FGM.
• Guidance and counselling to those affected by FGM.
• To partner and network on anti-FGM.
• Advocate for a bill on anti-FGM.
• Churches to take lead in mobilization against FGM.