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Date: 06-02-2024

In the arid lands of Samburu, where the winds whisper tales of resilience, a group of determined and passionate women came together to form the Ngari Green Women Group. From their group name they are truly based in Ngari village which is located in Samburu West Constituency. Ngari Green Women Group is a community-based organization formed in 2015 with valid certificates and has about fifty active members.
Led by Mama Nabulu Letiwa, a wise and resilient woman, the Ngari Green Women Group has empowered other women, men and youth in Samburu County. They have truly set a pace as role models and have been mentors to many who want to establish and cultivate change.

The Ngari Green Women Group has a tree nursery where they engage in various activities. They are not only involved in afforestation but also re-afforestation. They are also involved in training and capacity building. The women group organize training sessions on tree nursery management techniques and environmental conservation. The Ngari Green Women Group are involved in selling seedlings to generate income for their families or even to steer their community projects. The women group engage with the local community to raise awareness about the importance of planting trees and conserving the environment. They sensitize the communities through the local radio stations and even household dialogues in the county where there is effective dissemination of information. They visit schools and communities to share knowledge and inspire others to take action to protect the environment.

The women group establish and maintain kitchen gardens for growing fruits and vegetables for their household use and incorporating healthy ingredients in prepared meals. They enjoy a steady supply of fresh and nutritious produce while promoting sustainability. Urban dwellers have also been taught by the group on the establishment of kitchen gardens in small spaces making it efficient and suitable for those with limited space for garden. Kitchen gardens provide opportunities to learn about the growth of plants, the health of the soil and the importance of sustainable food systems.
The Ngari Green Women Group promotes energy efficiency by using briquettes. The briquettes are environmentally friendly and can be used instead of the traditional fuels enhancing the quality of life and improving the energy access. They have a higher energy density compared to traditional fuels. The production of briquettes has created employment opportunities and generation of income for the women involved in it. The women and even the local communities use briquettes for cooking and heating. It reduces health risks associated with indoor air pollution. They manage the waste effectively, where the waste is repurposed into a valuable energy resource.

In addition, the Ngari Green Women Group practices beading. It fosters a sense of bonding among the women. Working and cooperating together on the projects of beading encourages teamwork and social interaction. The women engage in beading as an income generating activity. They create and sell the beaded products contributing to their income. The Ngari Green use beading as means to preserve their culture and to also pass the cultural knowledge to their future generation. Beading provides a platform for the women to express themselves artistically and being creative and innovative. For the group, beading provides skill-sharing and mutual support among the women.

They witness the effects of climate change, deforestation, drought which threatens the livelihoods of both humans and wildlife in the region. They persevere and refuse to be discouraged. With the guidance of environmentalists and agricultural experts, the Ngari Green Women Group learn sustainable farming practices. Their efforts did not go unnoticed. The Ngari Green Women Group received support from local authorities and other members of the community who were inspired by their dedication to conserve the environment. Other local groups also approached the women group for collaboration and mentorship. They were also awarded to encourage them to continue with zeal and zest in transforming the county.

Through their determination, the Ngari Green Women Group transformed their village into an example of environmental stewardship. With planting of trees, management of waste, establishing of kitchen gardens and using alternative source of energy, they proved that women are truly the drivers of positive change.