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Date: 11-08-2021

The annual women's rights forum will be a two-day event where we will be discussing the dynamics of power and how it determines the way men and women are treated by different institutions, policies, and laws and the way in which how people are treated forms an important part of what it means to be socially and politically marginalized and disempowered and what women's voice really is beyond just speaking.

We shall also be discussing gendered hierarchies and how this fuels discrimination and marginalization and why it is important for women to understand this especially as they ascend into male dominated spaces of leadership and decision making; and why it is critical to maintain and sustain the sisterhood with the women's rights networks that have worked to open up this space to women and work together to keep the space open and deliver better outcomes for women.

Women political engagement, economic empowerment and the overall security and protection for women aspirants and candidates from politically instigated violence.

We will be speaking to the participants on the importance of women learning to work together and separately in their different areas of engagement lest we lose the gains we have so celebrated and appreciating every aspect of the struggle and why it is important for us all.

The goal of the forum will be to advance transformative women leadership. The convention will be held on 11th and 12th August 2021 at the Manu Chandaria center for preforming arts, University of Nairobi.