Technical Wrking Groups (TWG)

The partners will chair each TWG so that advisory support, decision and guidance about exact expertise, organizational development, campaigns and other activities are left in the hands of WROs. This structure has a technical advisory role. TWGs will offer technical advice to support input and review on work plans, budgets and objectives related to the TWGs core area encompassing technical thematic areas like but not limited to SGBV, SRHRs, economic empowerment, legal rights and representation; identify key priorities for what the TWG will deliberate on, review and forward to the PSC for consideration; recommend tactics and approaches under each pillar for better project implementation, results delivery and accountability; and advise and recommend documentation and knowledge management approaches to be explored by each thematic pillar.

TWGs may chose to focus on key issues of the project, for example, the multi-year funding TWG may review and provide recommendations to improve the multi-year grant criteria, call for concept notes, and the concept note template.